If you've made it this far into the website then well done and congratulations! Robbi and I are with the Lord and we wanted to let you know we are hoping to see you on the other side. That being said...

Within our websites are hidden areas which contain very important information along with resources which will be essential to your survival for the events that are about to take place in the world. We have been ready and waiting for this moment in time for many years and now our problems are over and we're sorry to have to say it but unfortunately yours have just begun.

It is written you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark (RFID Chip). It is the size of a grain of rice. DO NOT take or accept it. Stay away from vaccines and flu shots as well for it will contain the RFID. Need proof of what we’re saying then be sure to look into Verichip and Digital Angel who are the two leading companies making the chip which is the mark of the beast which accepting it will only seal your condemnation.

You will be given a choice to deny Christ or die or your other choice will be to be able to buy and sell by taking the mark or die…Choose Death! Otherwise the mark will be placed in the right hand or the forehead… DO NOT TAKE OR ACCEPT IT. DO NOT worship anyone, image or anything other than the one true God, The Most High and Jesus Christ along with the Holy Spirit.

If you have to, watch “Left Behind” and/or "Omega Code" which you can find on youtube or most likely a church which will give you a basic idea of what happened and what is to come so you can be prepared.

Remember... Knowledge is power!

Your best bet will be to first, accept the Lord into your heart. Just speak it right now, he will hear you where ever you are. Then… Get underground ASAP! If you don’t know where you can go for help check out the North American Survival Alliance plus Shirl has a brother who should have relocated to Montana by now. He is within the mountains at an underground facility. Chances are he is not saved but he knows not to take the mark and he is smart enough to know what to do for he has prepared for this for years and he can help you in your survival. Be honest with him or he WILL kill you no questions asked and I’m dead serious! Tell him his sister Shirl sent you.

You will find his name and information within the hidden areas of both Robbi & Shirl's websites. Paper money will be of no use unless you are underground and even then it’s highly unlikely.

Metals, jewelry, food, weapons, generators, lightweight machinery such as drills, saws, air guns, air compressors and things of that nature along with water, canned goods, medicine and medical supplies will be good for barter.

A handy little tip is to take abrasive wire, like a sos pad without the soap and a working 9 volt battery, then strike the abrasive with the battery and you will ignite a fire which you can have fire to cook and keep warm. Remember to keep the fire to a minimum so outsiders won’t see you and you can be safe and warm.

Remember to purify your water and you can do it by gathering water from the creek or where ever you can find it. Take sand and coal and pour it through, then boil it. Any kind of charcoal works. More resources tips can be found within the hidden areas of RobbiSpencerRocks.com and ShirlSpencer.com.

Your priorities should now be shelter, food, power, saftey, traveling, water and things of that nature. You can use car batteries, a car alternator, and a generator as a source of power if you know what you’re doing because the car batteries are rechargeable.

You will find many resources and links on our websites that will help you as long as the internet holds out so remember what you read because there’s no telling when the government or events will shut it down. Remember; keep track of your timeline. Once Israel strikes a 7 year peace treaty then start your clocks. You will have only 3 1/2 years of peace then it will be blood and war unlike anything you can ever imagine. Then... GAME OVER!

We will be returning in 3 1/2 years with the Lord and his Army. Use your time wisely and good luck! We hope to see you join us on the other side. Keep in mind that knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers so try to get with some people you can trust and stick together. Do not allow just anyone to penetrate your defenses. Use whatever you can get your hands on for weapons, you'll need it. Stay armed and stay safe and think ahead for everything.