Shirl Weaver has been working on her music off and on for years part time now shirl is ready to go full time. Much of her hardship caused her next decision, to pursue her dreams! She decided it was time for others to feel what she had to say, and she stepped out into the world of music! Since this decision, she has felt right at home! She feels that no matter what has or may happen in life, there's always music in her heart! That alone is a beautiful thing, and she desires nothing more than to share it with you!

Shirl modeled for the Gary Von Modeling Agency. Shirl modeled dresses, furs, outfits, purses and heels and women’s lingerie but her heart was in music. So she quit modeling to pursue her dream of music. Shirl is a singer,songwriter,novelist, musician and composer who has sang since she was little and played guitar since 1988 and drums since 2003 and bass since 1991. From boot stomping fast to belt buckle slow Shirl just loves to sing, write, compse and play. Shirl has played with organizations such as March of Dimes, The Hunger Task Force, Senior centers, nursing homes and benefits. Shirl has played In W.Va, TN, AL, OH, TX and CA and has played with such bands as Southern Stars, Indian River, Rag and the Rose, Roger Martin, Harry James Gang, Jerry Cole, Saddle tramp band, Autumn Mist, Sour grapes, radical driveway, The Horizon Band, High Riding Heroes, The Pony Express, Carwin Country, Coon Hollow Band, Midnight Rodeo, Outriders, Timber Lane, Wild Card Band, Souther Rose Band, Sweet Nothings and is currently playing with the Steel Tears. Shirl has been on Local television programs, radio stations, worked in studios, small road tours and just had fun. Shirl touches the heart of people in her songs that can be identified with. Shirl has a style all her own, and a voice like no other.

In 2007 Shirl performed in many places such as Murrieta and Temeculaca and Old Town located in Temeculaca CA.

In July of 2011 Shirl married Record Producer Robbi Spencer and was signed to the Progressive Edge Records label, immediately beginning a recording project on her new CD entitled "Just Being Me". Together, Shirl and Robbi will record all of the tracks at SE Studios in Grass Valley, California.

Shirl will release her album in the 2012, so be sure and check out her songs here on ReverbNation, cause these are the songs that will be going on the CD!!!!


"Is It True?"
From Shirl's NEW upcoming CD called "Just Being Me"
which is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby

Music & Words Written by: Robbi & Shirl Spencer
Performed by: Robbi & Shirl Spencer

This song was written & performed based on true events!

©2011 Progressive Edge Records/BMI

Produced by Robbi Spencer/Progressive Edge Records

Robbi Spencer/vocals/keyboards/synth/
Shirl Spencer/rhythm guitar/vocals
Darin Driscoll/bass Guitar
Ryan "Big Ruu" Sweeton/drums
"Alby" Leon/lead guitar

Got Me An Angel
Written by: Shirl Spencer, Jimmy Keith
Sang by:Shirl Spencer

Two Lane Road

Where Your Helps Comes From

Love That Never Ends

Can You Tell Me

Special Love

Big Brother Always Knew

This Isn't Love

Forever Came Today

Written by: Jimmy Keith
Sang by: Shirl Spencer
Keys: Robbi Spencer

Breathe on Me
Words Written by: Shirl Spencer
Sang by:Shirl Spencer, Robbi Spencer
Keys: Robbi Spencer

Unspoken Love
When She Prays
Look Up

My Baby Knows
What Loves About

Brighter Side of Love
Haunted by the Memories of Love

Now I'm Strong

More on Past Shows

In 1990 Shirl Played for the March of Dimes walk-a-thon with "Autumn Mist" where Shirl sang and played guitar.

1992 Shirl played for the Hunger task force in another walk-a-thon where Shirl also sang and played guitar.
Shirl appeared in April of 2000 as a guest on the Thunder and Lightning Street Ministry where she sang 5 songs of her original music.

In 2001 Shirl was part of a weekly television program where she sang, played guitar and took part of plays and skits.

Shirl has had two songs aired on Bzoo Radio "Big Brother Always Knew" while with the "Sweet Nothings" in 2006

Shirl will be appearing live on BlogTV with Secret Enterprise, as well as many live performances in 2012.