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UFO tracking here and realtime tracking
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Spy Satellite Links

Shodan - world's most dangerous search engine. a search engine that finds connected devices, it's easy to locate dangerous things that anyone can access without so much as a username or password
DuckDuckGo- search engine that does not track you or your IP., has more instant answers and less spam/clutter. Emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the "filter bubble" of personalized search results.
ART-Advaced Real Time Tracking Leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Spy-Tech GL-200- GPS Tracker is a hardware/service combination that lets you track pretty much anything any time.
KeyHole- They use this to spy and market you
Heavens-Above-Online program that include graphics generated in real-time and customized for a location and time zone to observe satellites such as ISS, space shuttle, and iridium flares.
UNAVCO-Tectonic plate motion calculator
WIKISKY-Detailed sky map
WebbotLib - Predictions -> 2015 - 2016 and 2017
SWMF (Magnetosphere-Ionosphere) Real-time run
Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA Earth Science Office
Telescope on line Page - live telescope space web broad cast; Israel
MAKO: Artificial intelligence Program - register- video-indiegogo; in beta testing
Forbidden Knowledge Revealed- the videos included will open your eyes.
Stranger at the Pentagon-Biblioapleyades
Real Time Data - Watchdogs - Watch_Dogs tells its story from the perspective of a hacker who can take over nearly any electronic device using his smartphone. It's definitely the world of science fiction, but it gives you an iside look to what hackers see.



Google Acquires 512-Qubit Quantum Computer NSA Surveillance to be Turned Over to AI Machines Take a Look INSIDE GOOGLE!

Dead Sea Scrolls-View online in Digital form
 Digital Shadow - See how they see you.
Antibiotics for Human Use (no prescription required!)
Live from Space-Data Feed
Transfered Fire - A Native American Skill
Ariane Space Live Feeds & Info
Blitzortung - real-time lightning, storms, etc.
Faultlines, Quakes & Shakes - Monitoring - EYE ON EARTH

Genpets - Bioengineered pets
Video1 - Video2 - Video3

Listen to live metors - site goes up and down
Hackpad - Webbot/Remote Viewing


Resources below provided by: Oliver Lambert |

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How to Save For A House Fast

How to Get a Mortgage When You Have Student Loan Debt

What To Look For When Buying A Fixer-Upper House

Top 5 Return-On-Investment (ROI) Projects

Know Your Options: Foreclosure

Resources below provided by: Oliver Lambert |

Home Emergency & Disaster Safety

How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane

Wildfire Action Plan

Mudslide Safety for the Home: How to Assess Your Risk and Take Preventative Action

Lightning Safety: The Myths and the Basics

Flood Safety Guide

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