Q: Are you the ones I seen on AGT or some show of Got Talent?! I just seen you all on Youtube! if you answer? Oglala, SD fan MiguelJon

A: No, we weren't on AGT but maybe you've seen either some of our music videos, the CuddleMuffin showdown, Skies Alive or SE Spirit Chasers. We have also been in movies such as Razed Life, Chasing Butterflies, Z14 or The Beyond. SE Studios and Progressive Edge Records keeps us pretty busy so there's really no telling which production you've seen. Thank you so much for asking and I hope you have much success!!!!
Asked by MiguelJon. Answered on 10/19/2014

Q: Hey thanks for listening, I assume you thought the CD title was a religious referance? Itss just what I hear in my head, who knows where it come from.

A: I think it comes from your heart, your spirit within. Being creative is a gift in itself and that should be spread around the world. You are very talented with many blessed gifts. Gifts which are meant to be shared. I wish you all the success you've ever dreamed of or hoped for. Asked by terry fenwick. Answered on 10/12/2014

Q: If you could, change,, anything,, in this World we have been thrown into... What would you change? Like,, waving a "Magic Wand"... Krayg, out...
Asked by KRAYG. Answered on 06/06/2014

A: I would change several things... First.. innocent lives whether it be men, women or children wouldn't be hurt, damaged, destroyed, ruined or ended by injustice or people who based their lives on hurting others and have no remorse or regret for doing so. Second the ones who deliberately set out to destroy others because they feel they have something to gain would no longer exist. There is so much corruption, pain, destruction and injustice in the world it makes me very angry especially when I see innocent lives being destroyed and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE who has the power to change it does and they just let it go!

Q: What inspired you both to write and perform Happy Ever After? :) That has to be the most memorable song I have ever heard :) Everytime I listen to it I get really happy. :)
Asked by Neal Bing. Answered on 05/20/2014

A: 3 Reasons. Because we always say forevers and evers and evers. And... Because we like the movie "Ever After" and we love God and want to see everyone as happy as we are!! Thank you so much for asking! You totally Rock!!!! <3 XOXO

Q: by the way. Lost & Found think your music is superb!!!
Asked by Lost & Found. Answered on 03/04/2014

A: Thank you so much!!! God Bless!! I think you guys are amazing!!!


Q: Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
Asked by Rock Robster. Answered on 11/20/2013


A: Awe.... That is the sweetest thing!!! I love you!!!

Q: How did you get so cute? Omg, I am so in love with you!!!
Asked by Progressive Edge Records. Answered on 05/21/2012

A: Awe... I am so in love you with you baby!!! You're so adorable!