~Dear Robbi ~

Sweetheart, I just wanted you to know that I love you so much! You are my world, my life, my heartline and my everything. Too often people search their entire life for the one special love and never find it. We are truly blessed to receive such a rare and precious gift. With God leading our steps, we shall never fall. When you told me you were going to marry me I didn't know what to think. I was shocked, shaken and amazed. I couldn't believe the man of my dreams told me he was going to marry me and you did just that. Robbi, my faithfulness, loyalty, trust, commitment goes beyond the ends of the earth through eternity. What an exciting time for us! I love absolutly everything about you and I have so much faith in you! I hope in you, I trust you and I believe in you more than you can ever imagine, hope, wonder or think. You are my hero and my inspiration and I have always believed you can do anything and I always will!!

My Love, I can never say "I'm sorry" enough for running from you all those years and I'll never do it again. I have made vows to you and God to be by your side for all eternity and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I am forever grateful that you and God finally caught up to me and stopped me from doing what my heart was wanting to do all along. I was so afraid of the love that I was feeling for you and I didn't know how to handle it. I still don't always know how to handle it at times because it gets so overwhelming for me. People would, in their own way, try to help you and I to get together from the beginning as you know and even today, people are so behind you and I so much that they said if I ever thought of running from you (love) again they would personally take you to me. But that will never happen because I'm not running from you or what God has called us to do again. I'm so honored to be your wife and I'm going to love you for the rest of eternity. You are everything and more then I ever hoped, dreamed and prayed for. You are the not only the man of my dreams, but of most every woman's dream and just as you tell me... I'm never letting you go!
I love everything we do together and I cherish every minute of every day we have with each other. You are so much a part of me that now I can never live without you. You complete me in every way and I have God to thank for that. I will always do my best to be a good wife for you that I can in every way and when God blesses us with a little one, I will always be a good mom as we raise our little one together, just as we talked about. I look at you and its still hard to believe that we're actually married because it doesn't feel real. It feels like a dream and it is so amazing. The love we have between us and a love so strong can only come from God! I am so dedicated to you and I don't take our vows lightly. When you first said we were writing our own vows, I was surprised but happy because I was able to promise so much more than the standard do you take.. I meant every word! My heart's desire is to do what God has called us to do and love you, God and our family for the rest of eternity!!!
You rock my world! As one of your artists, let me say this. I think its just starting to sink in that you signed me to your record label and it already started sinking in that your my producer. You always thank me for asking your permission about things I want to do with my music and everything else you manage for me but isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Usually the artist doesn't do anything without getting it past the producer first. J.D. taught me in the studio back in 1990. I'm crazy, not stupid.. lol I learned really quick from the mistakes his artists made and after seeing them get in trouble, I learned what and what not to do. That would be like me putting my music or book for free download or something while you're out there marketing it for sale. You are an amazing producer because you deal with so much from your artists including me. and we don't make it easy on you. The attitudes, the temper tantrums and throwing of fits because we messed up and you make us do over and over until its right and we always find out you were right and we end up being amazing and its all because of you!! You know how to handle your artists and the music buisness and that's why so many people love, trust and count on you.

Sweetheart, I love you and everything about our relationship. I love how we both are so protective over each other as we are. I love how you stand up for God, your beliefs, convictions, and for others. You don't take any BS from anyone and you are so amazing that not a day goes by that you don't do something that totally takes me by surprise. Our babies in heaven love you so much. Never have they known such a love from a dad other than God and they are lucky to have you as their dad. They are truly indeed blessed! I look at you and it blows my mind that we are married. I can't believe it!! Being your wife is a dream come true and you are my heartline, my everything! I'll always thank God for you and our life together!!

I love you so much Robbi!!

You use your authority that God has bestowed upon you with such wisdom and that's not something you see everyday. Your buisness ethics are to be highly respected. I love how you treat me no different from your other artists when it comes to buisness. That means the world to me. You can be a very tough but everything you do is nothing short of amazing. I have over heard you with your other artists in the studio whether you were praising and encouraging them or giving them a tongue lashing and I was blown away to see you're no different with them than you are with me. Your tough on all of us and that's what makes you such a good producer because you care so much about how we come out in the end and you strive for perfection and you never settle for less out of your artists and that's how it should be. We understand that Progressive Edge Records catches all of the flack and has to do the damage control with the media for whatever we do outside the studio because the label represents each one of us so you keep everyone within certain parameters so no one ends up hurting ourselves or the label and that's exactly what professional labels do and that's why Progressive Edge Records is right up there with the best! It's amazing to see how much your artists love and respect you. You are truly an icon in this buisness and everyone here knows that! Keep up the good work and remember no matter how frustrated you get with any of us.. remember we love you too!! Robbi Rocks!

Robbi, one thing I've learned is that life is too short to waste one minute of it and I'll always continue to make sure you know how much you are so deeply loved, respected, appreciated, honored and cherished. I've never met a stronger man who is so highly intelligent. Your a musical genius and everyone knows that. Your skills, your love for God and people are really something to behold. I wanted to dedicate a big part of my website to you because you have made such a difference in my life and have given me so much to hope for. You sing like an angel, you play and perform like there's no tomorrow. You are an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, composer, producer, manager, friend, lover, husband and I wanted the world to know that the legacy you have created and continue to create can never be compared to no other. You are truly an inspiration to us all and we all love you deeply.

From an artist's point of view. Not just mine but all of us here at Progressive Edge Records...

May the world see how truly amazing you really are. We all love and respect you and thank you for the wonderful things you do and how you take care of all of us! Thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us and all the time and resources you put forth to make us what we are and making dreams come true!

From a wife's point of view..

you the most amazing husband in the world and I can never live without you. You, my darling are my everything and I am so deeply in love with you. Just being near you, waking up next to you every morning is a blessing to me and I thank God for you each and every day! You are my heart, my love, my world, my heartline, my Everything! I will always love, honor, cherish and respect you. I'll always be faithful, loyal and dedicated to our beautiful and blessed marriage and I will Love you FOREVER!




I Love You Robbi!


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