A Message From Robbi & Shirl Spencer

"The most incredible thing happened to us this evening...my husband, Robbi Spencer took me out to dinner at KFC and as we were standing at the counter, I told Robbi I wanted to try one of the Polar ice cream swirls and Robbi being the gentleman he is said, "Anything you want Princess". So we ordered the ice cream swirl and out of no where a woman came up to where we were standing and put a couple dollars on the counter and said, "I'll pay for the ice cream. Don't ask, I can't explain it just pay it forward. I'm doing this as a memorial for a little boy who passed away this is for his foundation."

So they wanted to pay it forward as well. If you click the link included we are giving away a FREE download of Shirl Spencer's remake of Leann Rimes song, "But I Do Love you". It's their way of paying it forward. We all hope you enjoy it and pay it forward as well by doing something nice for someone and expect nothing in return.

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