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Shirl Spencer not only hits No.1 on the Charts in Nevada City but also hits No.3 Nationally and Globally!! Click the image bleow and see for yourself!!!

Shirl Spencer is now a reporter for
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A sneak peek where Shirl Spencer makes a cameo appearance in a Haunted Castle Pictures movie Production of "The Beyond"


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Shirl Spencer's Facebook... A Look Back 2014

Shirl Spencer climbs the charts and hits NO.1



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Shirl Spencer on New Music Weekly

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Robbi & Shirl Spencer on North American Idol with their CuddleMuffin Showdown

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Robbi & Shirl Spencer on NME AWARDS 2012 with their CuddleMuffin Showdown

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Shirl Spencer has been cast in the following Movies...

"The Beyond"

Chasing Butterflies - The Movie Trailer


Chasing Butterflies the movie Teaser


Z14 The Virus is Loose! Movie Trailer

Sneak peak of Shirl Spencer in action on the movie set of the Z14 Movie.


Here is the Official Z14 - Movie Teaser



Shirl Spencer Now in 3D Virtual Reality

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