Don't believe you're living the last days? Here are some articles to show you we are in the last days. No one knows what a day will bring and no one is promised tomorrow. Are you ready? I don't make the headlines... I just share them!

Beirut Lebanon River Turns to Blood Chinese River turns blood red Rivers, Lakes and Oceans Turning Red! Texas lake that turned blood-red
Southern France “Water Is Turning Blood Red” Apocalyptic BLOOD RAIN - INDIA - Residents PANIC Stricken July 17, 2012 Lake in Texas has turned blood-red July 2012: Sea Turn Blood - RUSSUA / UKRAINE
Russia River Is Boiling BLOOD RED RAIN FALLS IN KANNUR, KERALA, INDIA JULY 5, 2012 Mysterious BLOOD RAIN falls From Sky INDIA! Talking Budda's In Malaysia!
One of the Four Horseman at egypt protest 2011 Fourth Horseman 'Ghost' of the Apocalypse at Japan Earthquake Red Horse of the Apocalypse Has Been Revealed Metrodome Vikings stadium-Roof Collapse-Black Horseman Captured 12/12/10 Original Footage and Zoomed Footage
Jesus Seen During A Church Service of College Singers Russian News Report NIBIRU Exists (Also known as wormwood) BBC CONFIRMED NIBIRU IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM Massive UFO By the Sun before NASA SOHO Goes Offline
Breaking: NASA Finds Strange Objects Around Our Sun Sinkholes developing everywhere Strange Sounds around the globe coming from the sky Pillar of Fire in Brazil
Fire Tornado Captured on Video in Australia Mayan light beam from Pyramid Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun Energy beaming from Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan in Mexico
Isaiah 9:10 have been fullfilled- The Harbinger Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi allows killings on presidential palace of Christians and those who oppose him Warnings to America & the World Christians Being Killed By Islamists In Egypt And Nigeria
World War 3 – To Be Officially Declared Third Temple in Jerusalem plans to be rebuilt. and MORE HERE and HERE Solar storms and mass animal deaths – the connection ObamaCare Mandates RFID Chips to be Implanted in all Americans by 2017
World Leaders Cancel Trips And Meetings: Why? WWIII The Earth’s Poles Are Shifting Pole Shift Now: Elite Disappear As World Quakes NASA Team To Fly To Space To ‘Save’ Earth From Asteroid
Last day news concerning Israel/ N. And S. Korea ‘On The Verge Of Nuclear War’ Zombies Attack-various articles CIA-Sponsored Cyber Attacks To Legitimize DHS Big Brother Control Grid
‘Apocalypse Now’: Israel And WWIII: How The Israeli Bomb Could Spell Global Disaster Public Will Be Slaughtered As Fed Is Setting Up The Biggest Pump & Dump The World Has Ever Seen! Reports Of A Dark, Ominous Figure Stalking Lone Passengers October 2012 NASA Footage
Teleportation-Learn it-You'll need it!

Russian General Reveals Truth About 9/11

Geoengineering Sky Could Transform Earth Into Lifeless, Ice-Encrusted Rock A Massive Economic Catastrophe Unlike Anything Ever Seen And Countdown Clock Is Quickly Approaching Zero
We Are On The Brink Of A Full Scale Thermonuclear WW3 You Will See Terrorists Attacks In America: Iranian CIA Agent The 2012 Collective Shift & The Secret History Of End-Times Prophecies Massive Civil Unrest And Even Revolution-Riots Spreading
UFO Crash In Ukraine September 27, 2012 NASA’s Edgar Mitchell: Aliens Exist & Government Cover Up is Real, Fox News Aliens Are Real: A Secret Hidden From Mankind Radiation Going Up Across US: “Something Happened Around Sept. 17th”
Fish Shrinking As Oceans Warm: UBC Research RECENT WORLD WIDE LIST- DEAD BIRDS AND FISH! Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths for 2012 Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS while landing - If they take this one down, Here's more!
Bankers turning up dead #30 Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version in HD - Broadcast only once in five US states in 1995. More copies here. Disney knew something was up then. Vatican Secret Archives Dungeon Vatican Rituals At Satan's Altar Was How Joanna, Born Into The Illuminati, Spent Her Childhood Days.
10 secrets of the Vatican exposed Vatican preparing for 'savior' from outer space? Illuminati card game card revealed - Card Images THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION - DOWNLOAD PDF
THE AMENDMENTS - DOWNLOAD PDF THE BILL OF RIGHTS - DOWNLOAD PDF - FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD Another Antichrist Has Arisen! Man Claims He Is God, Reveals “His” Mark, the Two Witnesses, and His 7 Year Peace Treaty! UFO Slams US Battleship In The Middle Of The Ocean–Ukraine UFO Sighted Confirmed (article & videos)
N.E.S.A.R.A. In Detail Djinn Encounter In Afghanistan? (Video) Posted this to show you to beware of any Djinn. Giant Humanoid Creatures Sighted In Antarctic Waters (Video) End Times Prophecy Warnings In The Bible – That Most Christians Are Completely Blind To.
10 Yellowstone Sensors Turned Off!!! Shutdown!!! Barack Obama Born In Mombasa Kenya – British Intelligence Advisor has recorded phone call Fleets Of UFOs Pass In Front Of Moon On Live Cam, Video - View LIVE SPACE CAM HERE River Turns "Blood Red" In Switzerland - April 30, 2014 12 Major rivers that have turned to blood.
URGENT- NASA- Did God Throw A Cluster Of Stars At Earth? 2 Million MPH Project Persphone: British Scientists Building 'Living Space Ark' To Save Humanity - Original Site Here ILLUMINATI EXPOSED : The Video Alex Jones Won’t Show or Talk About! Mysterious Flying Humanoid Creature Terrifies Witnesses
The Black Mailbox - IMAGES Sun Microsystems Expands RFID Portfolio - IndustryWeek - Sun Microsystems Time Travel & Stargate Portals Are Real And Exist On Earth Today! Online Telescopes: The Offerings and How They Work
Nibiru, Planet X Coverup Disintegrating As NASA Says Pray! Pastor’s Tell Their Congregations You Can Take The Mark of the Beast and Still Be Saved… Don't Do It! Half Man, Half Goat Satan Spawn in Kentucky - More will be showing Beware  Buddha Statues Talking & Moving - Paranormal Video
ANCIENT EGYPTIAN STATUE MOVES ON IT'S OWN DEMONS GHOST SIGHTINGS Pale Horseman of Revelations 6 caught riding in Egypt - MSNBC News Fourth Horseman 'Ghost' of the Apocalypse at Japan Earthquake Metrodome Roof Collapse - Black Ghost Horse appears on News Camera - Dec 12, 2010
White Horseman behind Prince William Scientists 'able to induce lucid dreams' - BBC News Genpets - Real Bioengineered pets! (Scary, but real) Meet the robots that teach your child to code.
UFO'S in Manhattan - Full List Bleeding Glaciers Rivers, Lakes and Oceans Turning Red -FULL LIST HERE and HERE Stay out of New Zealand's Psychedelic Champagne Pool

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